“Wheel of Fortune”.

Roulette is a glamorous game. It is associated with excitement, luxury, pleasure from the game process and high chances of winning. The magnetism of the spinning wheel for more than 300 years does not leave gambling people indifferent. Even newcomers can try their luck. If you decide to try your luck, you should remember that there is no such strategy that could give a 100% guaranteed win. Here everything is in the hands of fortune. In modern roulette there is no magic number. Therefore, beginners should forget about magic, skills, skills and special knowledge. Advice for those who want to make big money in the casino – open your own.

If you have mathematical skills, then they will benefit you. With their help you can calculate the advantage of the casino.

Remember that in roulette, no game strategy works. This gambling is based on luck and is created only as entertainment.

There are many types of roulette. But we recommend you start with a European roulette. The chances of winning here are much higher. Beginners do not want to play American roulette.

It is very important to control your money. To do this, you must first determine the limit of opportunities. Many make too large bets. Do not spend more on the game than you can afford.

Self-discipline is very important in gambling. In the event that a player loses his temper, the game may end badly for him. Thus, you can lose all your money, as well as become an obsessed player.

History knows the names of people who managed to prevail over a gambling establishment. Today, their “unknown path” was revealed – they are scammers. People who found flaws in the roulette work. One of them is Pierre Dugal. ┬áHe fraudulently penetrated the building of the gambling establishment and made profitable changes in the design of the roulette. Pierre finished very badly – he was arrested and died in prison.

Very interesting is the story of Joseph Jagger. The British engineer noted that the state of the roulette system is not ideal. He hired several people who recorded numbers falling on roulette for a while. He bet on the numbers that fell out most often and won a magnificent amount in a gambling establishment. But he did not play roulette anymore and became a successful businessman.

Do not try to deceive the “wheel of fortune”. Remember, the key to victory is non-standard thinking!