The most lucky player in casino history

There legends about the casino in Monte Carlo have been composed more than 100 years,the hero of one of which was the most lucky player in the historyof the casino. Forever renowned as “the man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo” Charles Wells once in July 1891 went to the casino, and left there as a legend.

The History of Charles Wells

Once again confirming the idea that fortune is more favorable to the brave than to the righteous, Wells took a round sum to make his bets in Monte Carlo,deceiving investors with his stories about a never-existing invention a “musical rope”. Wells simply escaped with 4,000 pounds sterling, which, like other scammers and gamblers in his place, decided that roulette is the most reasonable investment of money.

The happiest win in casino history

Surprisingly, but in this case, Wells was right. Wells played eleven hours in a row (including the period when he won more than 20 spins out of 30), breaking the bank (of course, it did not bankrupt the casino, but staff had to order new chips to the table) 12 times and won a million francs. Later Charlie Wells returned and won another million, and that attracted special attention, bet on the number 5 five times in a row.

Nobody ever figured out what Wells used for the system to attract luck, and to this day it is admitted that, perhaps, this is a very, very big luck. In 1892 Fred Gilbert wrote the song “A Man Who Tore a Bank in Monte Carlo” in order to perpetuate Wells’s exploits.

Luck is a very necessary thing in a casino, but it’s also important to know the rules and principle of the game. Try yourself and become a legend number 2!