Ethics of casino

For a long time gambling was mostly played by rich people primarily because games such as poker or roulette were inaccessible to the general public and were considered games of the upper strata of the population. The casino has always welcomed the gentlemanly behavior, and for rudeness you could (and can) be expelled from the gaming hall.
A high level of service is the visiting card of all land gambling establishments. Of course, online casinos are much inferior in this case, because communication between players and slot machines or dealers isn’t directly, but through the monitor. Nevertheless, we advise you to follow a number of simple rules that will help you not only to relax, but also to get more pleasure.
As a rule, immediately after registration in one of the reliable online casino you’ll be greeted by the support service with the help of live chat. Communicate with representatives of the support service politely, do not allow the use of offensive phrases. Try to describe the essence of the problem, so that the person at the other end of the wire immediately understood it and was able to offer you solutions. By this you will not only save your time and others’ time, but also save your nerves.
At the moment, many online casinos have multiplayer games in their arsenal of games (when several people play online at the same table). To recreate the atmosphere of real casinos, game data producers allow players to chat during the game. Often you will meet at the tables of tipsy or simply aggressive customers that will disturb / annoy you during the game. But no gambling institution will prohibit a person from playing or talking during the game simply because he makes you nervous.
Recently, online casinos are gaining popularity live-games (games with live dealers). The essence of these games is that you see and communicate in the real dealer. Some players can do and say anything they want with complete impunity, so they can afford even the most daring statements. In fact, this is not the case: large casinos that respect themselves and their employees will punish you for such behavior, after all, the rules of etiquette are prescribed in conditions of using gambling establishments, and breaking them you can lose the opportunity to play in these casinos.

The most lucky player in casino history

There legends about the casino in Monte Carlo have been composed more than 100 years,the hero of one of which was the most lucky player in the historyof the casino. Forever renowned as “the man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo” Charles Wells once in July 1891 went to the casino, and left there as a legend.

The History of Charles Wells

Once again confirming the idea that fortune is more favorable to the brave than to the righteous, Wells took a round sum to make his bets in Monte Carlo,deceiving investors with his stories about a never-existing invention a “musical rope”. Wells simply escaped with 4,000 pounds sterling, which, like other scammers and gamblers in his place, decided that roulette is the most reasonable investment of money.

The happiest win in casino history

Surprisingly, but in this case, Wells was right. Wells played eleven hours in a row (including the period when he won more than 20 spins out of 30), breaking the bank (of course, it did not bankrupt the casino, but staff had to order new chips to the table) 12 times and won a million francs. Later Charlie Wells returned and won another million, and that attracted special attention, bet on the number 5 five times in a row.

Nobody ever figured out what Wells used for the system to attract luck, and to this day it is admitted that, perhaps, this is a very, very big luck. In 1892 Fred Gilbert wrote the song “A Man Who Tore a Bank in Monte Carlo” in order to perpetuate Wells’s exploits.

Luck is a very necessary thing in a casino, but it’s also important to know the rules and principle of the game. Try yourself and become a legend number 2!

“Wheel of Fortune”.

Roulette is a glamorous game. It is associated with excitement, luxury, pleasure from the game process and high chances of winning. The magnetism of the spinning wheel for more than 300 years does not leave gambling people indifferent. Even newcomers can try their luck. If you decide to try your luck, you should remember that there is no such strategy that could give a 100% guaranteed win. Here everything is in the hands of fortune. In modern roulette there is no magic number. Therefore, beginners should forget about magic, skills, skills and special knowledge. Advice for those who want to make big money in the casino – open your own.

If you have mathematical skills, then they will benefit you. With their help you can calculate the advantage of the casino.

Remember that in roulette, no game strategy works. This gambling is based on luck and is created only as entertainment.

There are many types of roulette. But we recommend you start with a European roulette. The chances of winning here are much higher. Beginners do not want to play American roulette.

It is very important to control your money. To do this, you must first determine the limit of opportunities. Many make too large bets. Do not spend more on the game than you can afford.

Self-discipline is very important in gambling. In the event that a player loses his temper, the game may end badly for him. Thus, you can lose all your money, as well as become an obsessed player.

History knows the names of people who managed to prevail over a gambling establishment. Today, their “unknown path” was revealed – they are scammers. People who found flaws in the roulette work. One of them is Pierre Dugal.  He fraudulently penetrated the building of the gambling establishment and made profitable changes in the design of the roulette. Pierre finished very badly – he was arrested and died in prison.

Very interesting is the story of Joseph Jagger. The British engineer noted that the state of the roulette system is not ideal. He hired several people who recorded numbers falling on roulette for a while. He bet on the numbers that fell out most often and won a magnificent amount in a gambling establishment. But he did not play roulette anymore and became a successful businessman.

Do not try to deceive the “wheel of fortune”. Remember, the key to victory is non-standard thinking!

The main reasons why people lose at casinos

You may hear many stories where people lose a huge amount of money at different casinos. Of course, this happens sometimes. However, you can easily avoid such events. In addition, you will never lose too much money. I have some important tips, which will help you to avoid losing your money at casinos.

The most important thing you have to remember about playing casino games is that you ought to not to be drunk. I mean there is nothing bad if you drink one bottle of bear. But if you drink more, then you will lose your concentration and memory. Without concentration, you will simply press on every button you see. And without memory, you may forget that you already lost a good amount of money. In this case, you will lose everything you have and you will get many troubles.

The next mistake is that you may want to get your money back. You do not have to keep playing casino if you lost a large amount of money. Remember that you play to not only win money but also to get a pleasure because of the process. Before starting the game, set your gaming limits to lose and win and try to stick to them. If you are not lucky at this moment, then you will be lucky in the next, but after a couple of hours.

The third tip is that you do not have to place big bets, because you have a chance to lose everything at one moment. It is better to play more than once with small bets.

Try to find a good strategy about your casino game. You may find them on different forums. You do not have to believe that you can play whatever you want and however you want. Of course, there is a chance that you may get lucky. But this chance is really small.

Do not forget that you play on your own money, so try to follow these simple tips. If you play smart, then you will get lucky for sure. Good luck in your future games.

How to play online casino correctly

Many people are sure that it is sufficient to be fortunate to win at various online casinos. But they are not correct. You have to have a big knowledge about casino rules to win your jackpot.

So, here I will give you some recommendations about how to play casino correctly and not lose money.

The most important recommendation is that you have to be concentrated. On the off chance that you play online casino, at that point, your chances to be concentrated grows. Because you will not get distracted by another people.  You have a possibility to play very alone. Statistics of online casinos say that the percentage of wins is higher when people play at their houses.

The next recommendation is that you do not have to play very fast. If you try to play fast, you may not be careful about every detail, so you will lose. You are playing on real money, it worth to spend some time on it. If you lose your money, do not hurry to keep placing your bets. Wait a little bit and then make a decision if you really need to keep playing.

You need to be able to choose the best online casino correctly. This step wroth to pay attention to it. You have to search in the internet different reviews of casinos like here – Read them, and review the casino rating. You may ask special people if they play on this or that online casino website. You will not regret it. You should pay attention to the quality of site design as well. The choice of a reliable casino is one of the main rules for a successful game.

Do not forget to read every little detail about the rules of your casino game. You do not have to press every button you see and wish that you get lucky. You have to be smart as well.

Do not forget about the bonuses that casino may provide to you. As more money you deposit – as the biggest bonus, you will get. That is why it will be a smart decision to play only at one casino website.